Census 2011 Search Results for “giyani

NameType of placeProvincePopulationArea (km²)
Greater GiyaniLocal MunicipalityLimpopo244,2174,171.59
GiyaniMain PlaceLimpopo25,95419.51
Giyani FSub PlaceLimpopo7,6983.03
Giyani ASub PlaceLimpopo6,5532.71
Giyani ESub PlaceLimpopo6,5103.03
Giyani DSub PlaceLimpopo2,5365.07
Greater Giyani NUMain PlaceLimpopo1,8012,752.70
Greater Giyani NUSub PlaceLimpopo1,8012,752.70
GiyaniSub PlaceFree State1,5050.37
Giyani CSub PlaceLimpopo1462.25

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